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What are the order and delivery hours for High End Wellness Center Collective?

  • Patients may order online 24 hours a day, as well as schedule deliveries further in advance by writing the desired time in the Notes
  • Regular Collective hours are 10:30am until 8pm daily (You may request earlier / later times by email)
  • High End is closed on all Holidays unless otherwise noted on our site!


How does the delivery process work?

  • Sign up with the website
  • Place your order online…we will send you a confirmation email as soon as it’s received!
  • A staff member will text you your delivery eta (Please be patient as times vary based on the order in which patients are received)
  • Delivery times are on average 35-55 mins. Depending on your location, order volume, and traffic, it may take up to 90mins.
  • We really do get there as fast as possible. If you have a question about the status of your delivery, please call us at (424) 543-4420.



  • Our collective reserves the right to refuse service to any person and/or patient who does not abide by our state law and guidelines
  • Our Collective will only deliver to your residence, work, or hotel where you are checked in. Addresses and contact numbers will be verified
  • All of our Hybrid Driver vehicles have two way security cameras and are tracked via GPS through the collective staff
  • Maximum order of our cannabis products is eight (8) ounces. You must be a verified regular to receive large amounts of medication
  • Our drivers will not wear any medical marijuana specific attire and they will be as discreet as possible when delivering to you
  • Your medication will arrive in a stapled, paper gift bag with a brown rope handle. Make sure it is stapled when you receive it
  • Please inform the collective if you will require large change for your order (Over $20)
  • Drivers will not be able to give you more medication or partake in medicating with you, though we appreciate the offers!
  • Our policies are in place to keep our collective members safe! Please follow them at all times to ensure good standing with our collective